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Having a baby is one of the most memorable times in a woman’s life.

Caring for You and Your Baby

North Florida OBGYN of Jacksonville is committed to making your pregnancy and delivery the best experience possible. Ensuring a safe, comfortable experience for you and your baby is our top priority. Our services include:

Low-risk Obstetrics

Prenatal care for young, healthy pregnant women who are not experiencing any complications of their pregnancy.

3D/4D Ultrasound

In-office diagnostic ultrasound for gynecological patients and prenatal care. We offer the latest in 3D/4D technology, with images that appear in 3D for a more accurate representation.

High-risk Obstetrics

Prenatal care for women with medical conditions complicating their pregnancy- like high blood pressure, diabetes, or pregnancies with complications like preterm labor, fetal anomalies, recurrent pregnancy loss and multiple gestations.

Reproductive Medicine & Infertility

Pre-pregnancy consultation for couples who are trying to conceive or are having difficulty conceiving. We provide evaluation of the possible causes of infertility and offer basic treatment for infertility.

Gender Reveal

Are you having a boy, girl or maybe even both? Find out as early as 15 weeks for just $75.00. We want to help you celebrate this special occasion!
  We can call a Baker
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